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Sizzling line dances this Spring!

Spring might be playing hard to get, but we’re not letting that stop us line dancers! Don’t let the winter vibes keep you locked up at home – come on out and get warm on the dance floor. Here’s the scoop on the sizzling line dances I’ve been busting out in my classes throughout February, March, and a bit of April 2024. The energy is electric, the moves are hot, and we’re having a blast grooving to some killer tunes. So why wait? Let’s dance our way into Spring!


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Ready to put on those dancing shoes and show off your moves? Whether you’re just dipping your toes into line dancing or already a seasoned pro, we’ve got classes galore across Cheshire and North Wales waiting for you. Don’t be shy, come join the fun! Check out our class pages and let’s boogie together.