Dance Fever Club

Popular Line Dances taught September 2023

September has been a great month for line dancing! We’ve taught a few exciting new dances, as well as some tried-and-true favorites.

Here are some of the dances we’ve taught this month:

Beginner Line Dances Taught

  • Stand by me by Raymond Sarlemijn & Roy Verdonk
  • That Honky Tonk Highway by Maggie Shipley

Improver Line Dances Taught

  • Steamboat Queen by Neils Poulsen
  • Scootin Bootin by Mark Paulino
  • Little Heartbreak – Jef Camps & Roy Verdonk

Intermediate Line Dances Taught

  • Telling on my heart by Ria Vos
  • 3 Tequila Floor by Maddison Glover

Popular Line Dances ..

  • Face the music by Maddison Glover
  • If you believe by Gary O’rielly
  • Give me your tempo by Nathan Gardiner
  • Drinkaby by Rachael McEnaney
  • My Broken Heart by Gary O’reilly
  • Lucky Lips by Gary Lafferty
  • Sexy Mona Lisa by Niels Poulsen
  • When Your Drunk by Heather Barton & Glynn Rogers
  • Cold Heart by Maddison Glover
  • Versions of you by Jamie Barnfield

We try hard to cater for all levels, there are still many dances to teach but we had to do alot of recaps as dancers were away a fair bit so delayed me teaching more.