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Line Dancing with Daniel Whittaker

Are you looking for line dancing classes near you? Before we tell you more about our line dance classes, let’s give you more information on how Dance Fever and its founder Daniel Whittaker started.

Dance Fever has been established for over 27 years; in fact, the journey here was completely accidental.

Up to the age of 16, Daniel was into computer games, movies, and going out with his friends, It all changed when Daniel’s parents asked him to take his sister Charlotte to a local dancing class in Chester, he didn’t want to go as this was going to get in the way of his Friday night movie. (Little did he know this was going to be an amazing journey for him)

Anyway, he wouldn’t win, so he reluctantly took his sister to the local line dance class. He sat there and watched many dancers from all walks of life dance to all sorts of styles to all types of music, he was quietly impressed, but as a 16-year-old he could not admit that he was tapping his foot to the music and loved it.

Daniel Whittaker

Daniel took his sister dancing week in and week out for about 6 weeks. All of a sudden, his sister decided she didn’t want to go anymore, and she wanted to concentrate on her horse riding, well Daniel wasn’t impressed and had to make an excuse to go out and secretly visit this amazing line dancing class in Chester.

After a few more weeks Daniel realised he learned a lot of the patterns from sitting down and watching so he decided to get up at the back of the room and properly learn. After each lesson, he went home and practiced, and then went to more local dance schools to perfect his craft. Daniel had no plans to teach dance, but after about 1 year, his dance instructors (Lyndon & Mona Foster) asked if he could run the class as they could not make it. Well, they must have seen something in him because Daniel just had the music from his collection and brought his stereo system with him to carry out the lesson.

Daniel somehow came out of his shell he conducted the dance lesson and played music for the dancers to practice, this was the start of something very special. Daniel decided that he would love to teach line dancing, so he went through all the training required to be a qualified instructor, he also wanted to learn the craft of choreographing dance routines.

Once qualified Daniel opened his first dance school in Chester, after a year of teaching he wanted to open a dance school all over Cheshire, Wirral, and North Wales, so Daniel did just that. Daniel opened dance classes in Chester, Nantwich, Crewe, Tarporley, Deeside, Wrexham, Hoylake, and Ellesmere Port.

Learn to dance - classes in Cheshire, North wales and Wirral

Daniel once had 11 line dancing classes, he currently runs 5 line dance classes since the COVID pandemic. He is hoping to increase the number of classes in the next 12-18 months. If you wish to attend any line dance classes then please use the top menu to select the class details. If you are a beginner wanting to start line dancing then click here for details.

As well as running dance classes, Daniel also has many years of choreographing and running dance holidays. In fact, to date, he  for his choreography and 1 business award for best business in the North West of England in 2019. Daniel also has many years of experience organising big dance events and dance holidays. If you want to take a look at our collection of dance holidays, please click here.

Daniel looks forward to seeing you at one of his line dance classes, events, or even a line dancing holiday.