Dance Fever Club

line dancers dancing in Chester

Line dances taught in March 2023

Every month I give a run down on dances taught and recapped. In March I did a lot of recapping and not so much teaching as some dances needed more recapping. 

Beginner dances

Here I am honey: (RE-TEACH) I taught this then the class was closed a few times so it put me back a bit, so this was really a reteach because the class was closed due to bad weather. I would say this is higher beginner. It’s done to a classic song that everyone knows “Cry to me” by Kurt Davies. All levels seem to like this dance, I think it’s more so that the song is catchy that people dance it.

Lucky Lips: (TEACH) This dance is a really good dance from Gary Lafferty, it’s done to a classic 60s track, all I will say is don’t miss out and do this dance! It’s enjoyed by all levels.

Baby gonna dance: (FINAL RECAP) There is no step sheet for this dance, as I choreographed this for the beginner dancers. Step sheet coming soon.

We’re good to go: (FINAL RECAP) I have finished teaching and recapping this dance now, so many can just enjoy dancing it!

Improver dances

Drinkaby: (RECAP) All classes like this dance it’s catchy and not hard at all – a good easy improver dance. I would recommend giving this dance a go.

Give me your tempo: (FINAL RECAP) This again is the final recap on this dance as done it for a little while now. I highly recommend doing this. 

Heavens Jukebox: (FINAL RECAP) Thank god no more recapping this dance its driving me mad, I really lime the dance, the hardest part every single week is the 2 side steps to the left, don’t know why but dancers just kept forgetting this step. It’s a good easy improver dance.

Frisky: (FINAL RECAP) I would say this is a firm class favourite. The late Robbie McGowan Hickie created a great little dance. Honestly if you have not done this then your missing out It’s brilliant I definitely recommend this to everyone.

Whiskey on the shelf: (TEACH) This is a nice little dance done to a catchy irish song. most have enjoyed it some just don’t like irish music and some struggled a little with the switch steps but other than that its gone down pretty well.

Intermediate dances

Crystal Cha: (RECAP) A very mixed reaction on this dance some like some don’t, and some are still trying to work out if they like the dance and music. 

Never gonna not dance: (FINAL RECAP) This is a fabulous dance to a great song. It took a good few weeks to get this dance but was really worth the effort. 

Another one bites the dust: (FINAL RECAP) The class love this dance, if you have not done this and you want a little challenge then do this dance it’s catchy, fun and makes you want to dance. 

Everyone needs a hero: (TEACH) This is a great intermediate dance, enjoyed my many. It is fast but for those who want a challenge and something that gets your heart racing I highly recommend it