Dance Fever Club

Line dances taught in February 2023


Dances taught in February are the following:

Beginner dances

Here I am honey: Taught this to my beginners, but I would say this is higher beginner. It’s done to a classic song that everyone knows “Cry to me” by Kurt Davies. Its not a bad dance, personally i have done better beginner dances but its ok.

Baby gonna dance: There isn’t a step sheet for this dance, as I choreographed this for the beginner dancers. I will try and load a step sheet on Copperknob soon. 

We’re good to go: Ive actually been teaching this for months but every time a new beginner walks into the room I end up teaching this within the first 4-6 weeks so thats why its on my teach list still. It’s a very good easy dance well worth doing. 

Improver dances

Drinkaby: I wasn’t sure how this dance would go down, but pleasantly surprised I think they like it. I would recommend giving this dance a go.

Give me your tempo: This is a very popular dance and I’m pleased to have taught this dance across all classes. I highly recommend doing this. 

Heavens Jukebox: This dance haunts me, only because we keep recapping the dance over and over again (it’s the two side steps left that catches everyone out). It’s an easy improver dance, I don’t think it’s a beginner dance. Well worth doing I love the music and the dance is cute.

Frisky: Even though Robbie McGowan Hickie is no longer with us, he still produces great dances and this was a dance he was working on before he passed away. It’s brilliant, east, and very catchy. I definitely recommend this to everyone.

Intermediate dances

Crystal Cha: This is one of the most recent teaches, at the moment the dancers are not sure I think they need a few more weeks.

Never gonna not dance: This is a very popular floorfiller across all classes. It took a good few weeks to get this dance but was really worth the effort. There is also a beginner version called “baby gonna dance” so its a good floor split.

Another one bites the dust: This is one of the best dances thats been choreographed for a long time, it’s catchy, fun and makes you want to dance.