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Line dancers learning in dance Chester and North wales

Dances taught in April 2023

Let’s give an update on line dances taught in April. If your new to this Blog section then this gives you a clear breakdown of what has been taught and recapped in the month of April

Beginner dances taught

Here I am honey: (2nd RECAP) I would say this is higher beginner. It’s done to a classic song that everyone knows “Cry to me” by Kurt Davies. All levels seem to like this dance, I think it’s more so that the song is catchy that people dance it. I do like this but definitely aimed for higher beginners.

Lucky Lips: (FINAL RECAP) One of the class firm favourites,  I wonder why! Oh yes it’s a classic song from the sixties. This dance is enjoyed by all dancers and everyone singing along certainly make in enjoyable to watch.

Baby gonna dance: (FINAL RECAP) There is no step sheet for this dance, as I choreographed this for the beginner dancers. Step sheet coming soon.

Ziggy: (TEACH) is a nice little easy dance, in fact it’s only 18 counts. we do this to “Man I feel like a woman” by Shania Twain.

Cowboy Strut: (TEACH) This is such an old dance but it’s a great dance especially to master the jazz box. We do this to a classic Mavericks track but you can do this to anything with a good beat.

Ruby Ruby: (TEACH) This is most likely the 3rd most easiest line dance ever to learn. The class did great with this dance and we even threw in a ball change at the end. 

Twinkle Waltz: (TEACH) This is a great little waltz, there is no step sheet for this dance. 

Improver dances

Drinkaby: (RECAP) A worthy floor filler at classes, I may have to do a few more weeks recapping of this but overall the classes have the dance. 

Walk the link: (GOLDEN OLDIE TEACH) This is a classic always gets done somewhere. I thought I would do a quick teach of this dance as many have not done it. To date no one knows who the choreographer is, maybe I will claim it lol

Grundy Gallop (GOLDEN OLDIE TEACH) This is such a good jolly dance and Im pleased that the dancers loved doing this as they have never done this dance. Back in the days many bands use to sing a polka type of song and everyone did this!

Intermediate dances

Everyone needs a hero: (TEACH) This is a great intermediate dance, enjoyed my many. It is fast but for those who want a challenge and something that gets your heart racing I highly recommend it


Top 10 dances in classes are..

  1. Lucky Lips
  2. Drinkaby
  3. Heavenly Cha
  4. Cold Heart
  5. Give me your tempo
  6. Frisky
  7. Keep the dream alive
  8. Another one bites the dust
  9. Some kind of wonderful
  10. Senorita Lalala