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A Line Dancer’s Wardrobe Guide: What to Wear At Dance Class

Looking to join your local line dance class but unsure about the dress code and footwear? Fret not, this light-hearted guide will sort you out with the dos and don’ts of what to wear. After all, dressing right is not just about looking good, it’s also about moving with ease as you master the art to line dancing.


For the guys, think lightweight and breathable. Good old cotton t-shirts and comfortable jeans are the go-to choices for any beginner. And those dance shoes, they should be a shoe with little grip as possible, I always recommend to bring a few shoes with you to try throughout your lesson.


Now, to the ladies. wearing a pare of trousers or dress is fine, just make sure what you wear allows for freedom of movement. You’re there to dance, not to be entangled in your outfit.
The guide also gives a gentle nudge about footwear. Slip-on shoes, high heels, flip-flops and tennis shoes are all given a big thumbs down. What you need is a pair of comfortable dance shoes that will support your feet while you learn those grapevines, shuffles, pivots and jazz boxes. So as mentioned above make sure you wear foot wear that has little grip, and I suggest you bring a few shoes with you to try out only you’lll know what feels right to wear on a dance floor.
In time you may want to invest in a pair of dance shoes but there is no point making an investment in to dance shoes as a beginner until you feel you have enjoyed your exeprience and ready to commit to a regular dance class with Dance Fever.
See you all on the dance floor!